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The Rover CLI


Rover is a CLI for managing and maintaining graphs with Apollo Studio:

# Publish your graph's schema to Apollo
$ rover graph publish my-graph@my-variant --schema ./schema.graphql

# Fetch your GraphQL server's schema via introspection
$ rover graph introspect http://localhost:4000/graphql

# Compose a federated supergraph schema from multiple subgraphs
$ rover supergraph compose --config ./supergraph.yaml

Rover helps you safely publish and fetch GraphQL schemas (both monolithic and federated) from the Apollo schema registry. It is the successor to the Apollo CLI as the primary command-line tool for working with graphs.

Get started with Rover

Rover does not currently provide client-specific features, such as code generation or client checks. For these features, continue using the Apollo CLI.


If you have feedback on Rover or you experience issues using a command, please open an issue and let us know!

Here are some topics we're particularly interested in hearing about:

  • How discoverable are Rover features?
  • How intuitive does the Rover command structure feel?
  • How helpful are Rover error messages and logs?
  • What commands or features would you like to see in Rover?
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